November 19, 2017

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy:

Corporate Strategy is concerned with the overall purpose and scope of an organisation and how value will be added to the different business units within the organisation. We help develop your Corporate Strategy. Our “Approach Matrix” is a crucial tool for strategy formulation and strategy implementation. BM World possess the experience and expertise to work with owners/share holders, management/corporate directors and senior executives to develop new perspectives on:

  • The Essence of Strategy – The ‘Where’, ‘What’, ‘When’ & ‘Exit’ Components of Your Strategy
  • Corporate Performance
  • Competitive Tactics
  • Effective Growth Planning
  • Advanced Customer Management
  • Robust & Differentiated Products & Services
  • Marketing, Business Development and Cost-Containment Strategies
  • Effective Communication Of Organisation, Product and Services
  • Market Studies, Analysis and Feasibility Reports
  • Process Improvement Solutions To Improve Efficiency and Prepare For Growth
  • Management Information Systems and Reports