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  • Project Financing
  • Debt/ Equity Placement
  • Funding from Venture Capitalists & Private Equity (PE) players

Several years of challenging economic and financial market conditions have caused companies around the world to intensify efforts to extract efficiencies and eliminate risks in the management of their working capital. Successful working capital management allows a business to pay all debts as they mature, or come due while continuing profitable business operations.

We, at Business Management World, consult companies in securing Islamic banking facilities to manage their working capital requirements. We have remarkable networks with banks specializing in a wide range of financial techniques that help them devise solutions specific to their needs including Letters of Credit, Trust Receipts, Invoice Discounting, Overdraft, Islamic facilities – Murabaha, Mushraka, Wakala, Term, Term Loan, Project Finances etc. After analyzing their financial position, credit, income, and expenses, we approach banks on their behalf to obtain the funds necessary for their organization. Our highly experienced professionals communicate and work closely with our clients throughout their financial undertakings, maintaining a personal relationship and understanding their needs and preferences. We have established close ties with all major banks and can proudly say that they serve as our strengths in achieving our client’s objectives.


  • A suggestion of the best banks and the Islamic facilities suited to the client’s requirements
  • Better terms and contractual agreements from the bank
  • Better relationship with the bank, assistance, and support in the exchange of information during negotiations.
  • The arrangement of collateral structuring suited to client needs
  • sales after service


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